quarta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2010

Concurso para Directores Criativos e Designers - Rethink Scholarship

"Want to win the next Rethink Scholarship?"
That's good news because our call for entries is officially out for the 2010 scholarship. Be sure to watch this year's video and start working on your submission soon. Good luck.

We'll be judging the winner based on one thing: a sketchbook. The sketchbook can be any size in terms of width and height, but it
must have a hard black cover. Also, the number of pages in the book might vary depending on where you get it, though it should not exceed 250.

Remember not to worry about filling out the whole book, because a few brilliant ideas are always better than a huge pile of mediocre work. If you're having trouble finding a blackbook, you can pick one up at any Opus framing and Art Supplies location.

Your job is to put your most interesting ideas into that sketchbook to demonstrate what you can do. Your book should also tell us something about who you are."

Para mais informações: http://rethinkscholarship.com/

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