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A few spoons of packaging

* A embalagem Molico Portugal foi desenvolvida por Dago Vianna

"We are packaged in our skin. We do have some small degree of control over this utilitarian packaging; wich is primarily there to protect us. People around the world have found ways to decorate and use it as a form of communication.

We are packaged in clothes. While clothes also serve a protective function, they provide us with a great opportunity to tell stories and express values. Unlike our skin, we can shed our clothes.

We are packaged in structures or buildings. Protective structures serve our biological needs, but they also can be used as a tool to convey information. Buildings are also intended to express values, status and authority.

We are packaged by our thoughts. Or more concisely, by the ways in wich we convey or receive these thoughts. We sell ideas by packaging them with words.
Then there are the types of packaging we most associate with word.

There is retail packaging and wholesale packaging, paper packaging, and plastic packaging, primary packaging and secondary packaging. There is sterile packaging and ventiladed packaging, minimal packaging and excessive packaging, functional packaging and cerimonial packaging. There is even "carefree" packaging and much to our chagrin, frustrating packaging.
This diversity reflects the range of products that require packaging, and each product requires a different mix of the variable attributes that packaging can provides".

In: Designing Sustainble Packaging
Por Scott Boylston
(Pág. 21, Laurence King Publishing, London, 2009)

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